Working with Bitcoin is Easy.
It’s notBitcoin where things get complicated.

Don’t spend all your time dealing with marketing and regulations, get back to the tech you love.

Sending Bitcoin from one wallet to the next is easy and its getting easier. Doing everything around that is hard and only getting harder.


Michael Dupree Jr.

Michael Dupree Jr. is the founder of the Denver Bitcoin Center and the owner of EasyBit, a leading global network of Bitcoin ATMs. Dupree started the Denver Bitcoin Center in 2014 as a startup incubator and community center for local bitcoin entrepreneurs. With a background in trading, unix administration, and Internet hosting, Dupree now specializes in international banking, startups, multi-market arbitrage, and global business development, with a particular focus on bitcoin. As owner of EasyBit, Dupree manages business development and long-term strategic planning, and has overseen the company’s growth to over 10 countries and counting. Dupree has a degree in Business Management from the University of Denver, and spent time studying in both Japan and Spain.

Benjamin Ullrich

Ben is a co-founder of the Denver Bitcoin Center and the founder of Colorado Bitcoin Society (now Rocky Mountain Blockchain) where leading Bitcoin tech is born. Ben started working with the Bitcoin to build a community incubating next-generation technology and spread awareness of its value. With a background in Web Development, Sales, Marketing and SEO, Ben focuses much of his time as founder of DataFor.XYZ consulting on reputation management, and communication online for blockchain projects, and those that run them. Ben fell in love with the possibilities of the internet. He developed his first website for the public-school system at age ten only a few years after he learned to read.

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